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Nubenetes: Awesome Kubernetes Awesome

A curated list of awesome references collected since 2018. Microservices architectures rely on DevOps practices, automation, CI/CD (Continuous Integration & Delivery), and API-focused designs.

Awesome Kubernetes is also available at and

“I do not believe you can do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow” (Horatio Nelson Jackson)




SRE Site Reliability Engineering


Security and DevSecOps. Container Security




Red Hat OpenShift

SUSE Rancher

Software Delivery Pipeline

Jenkins & CloudBees

OpenShift Pipelines

Jenkins Alternatives


Web Servers, Reverse Proxies, Java Runtimes & Caching Solutions

Monitoring and Performance. Prometheus, Grafana, APMs and more

Configuration Management

Infrastructure Management Tools

Databases on Kubernetes

Cloud Based Integration & Messaging. Data Processing & Streaming (aka Data Pipeline)

Service Mesh

Demos and Boilerplates

Public Cloud

APIs with SOAP, REST and gRPC

Development & Frameworks



Dev Environment

QA/TestOps - Continuous Testing

Project Management Methodology

More References

Recruitment and Freelancing

Customer Success Stories

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