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API Marketplaces. API Management with API Gateways & Developer Portals


HTTPs for Developers

API Landscape and API Marketplaces

API Marketplaces

Rapid API Marketplace. Free Public & Open REST APIs

  • Rapid API: Find and Connect to Thousands of APIs. RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Marketplace, is used by over one million developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs — all with a single account, API Key, and SDK.
  • dzone: RapidAPI Provides API Marketplace and Insight APIs are driving businesses and innovation. Large Archive of Sample OpenAPI Descriptions

API Managers with API Gateways & Developer Portals

API Management vs API Gateway vs Developer Portals

3scale API Manager

Google Apigee API Manager

  • Google Apigee API Manager Apigee is an API management platform for developing, analyzing, securing & scaling various APIs and apps. It provides API technology and services for a wide range of organizations and developers to stimulate the pace of digital business. Through API, Apigee assists businesses to securely share data and services across various channels/devices in order to enhance the customer experience. Companies can manage growth and spikes in API traffic with features like traffic isolation and independent scaling.
  • Apigee @Youtube

IBM API Connect

WSO2 API Manager

Kong API Manager

Tyk API Manager

Axway API Manager

MuleSoft API Manager

Gloo Federation API Gateway Management

Backstage Developer Portal


NGINX as an API Gateway

Lura API Gateway (based on KrakenD)

Spring Cloud Gateway

Mobile Developer Portals


Auto API







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