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Caching Solutions

  1. Introduction to Caching
  2. Java Caching
  3. Infinispan
  4. Red Hat Data Grid (commercial version of Infinispan)
  5. CDN Content Delivery Network
  6. HAProxy
  7. Varnish
  8. Memcached
  9. Redis
  10. Nginx High-performance caching
  11. Videos
  12. Slides

Introduction to Caching

Java Caching

  • DZone refcard: Java Caching Strategies and the JCache API. Explores the building blocks of JCache and other caching APIs, as well as multiple strategies for implementing temporary data storage in your application.


  • Introduction to Infinispan Distributed in-memory key/value data grid and cache
  • Dzone: Getting Started with Infinispan Enhance Performance With Scalable, Highly Available Data Stores. Infinispan is an open-source, ASL 2.0-licensed, in-memory data grid platform based on Java 8. This newly updated Refcard offers tips for implementing Infinispan, gives a practical example for using it in embedded mode, and lists key APIs and cache features. Learn more about running Infinispan in containers and how to integrate the platform with Hibernate ORM, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Apache Camel.

Red Hat Data Grid (commercial version of Infinispan)

CDN Content Delivery Network





Nginx High-performance caching


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