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Microsoft Azure


Azure Training

Understand Azure Load Balancing

Microsoft Linux Distribution CBL Mariner

Azure Patterns

ARM Templates

Azure DevOps

Azure Arc. Azure’s Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Platform. GitOps with Azure Arc

Secure DevOps Kit for Azure

Mobile Apps


Powershell repos

Crescendo powershell module

  • Crescendo is an experimental module developed by Jim Truher, one of the main developers of PowerShell. Crescendo provides a framework to rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets that wrap native commands, regardless of platform. The goal of a Crescendo-based module is to create PowerShell cmdlets that use a native command-line tool, but unlike the tool, return PowerShell objects instead of plain text.
  • My Crescendo journey

Secrets Management with Powershell

Azure Run Command

IaC with PowerShell DSC Desired State Configuration

Azure Bicep

  • Bicep Bicep is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for deploying Azure resources declaratively.

Azure Traffic Manager

Azure OpenVPN

Azure Security

WinGet Windows Package Manager CLI

Windows 11

Azure API Management

Azure Container Apps

Azure Container Instances

Windows Server Container Host

Azure Samples (Boilerplates)

Office 365


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