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Microsoft .NET



NuGet Packages and nuspec file

Polly .NET resilience and transient-fault-handling library

Paradigm framework

  • Paradigm framework Built for NetCore, and featuring its own ORM and code generation tools, Paradigm sets the stage for a new breed of high-performance, multiplatform applications.
  • Paradigm Framework is a .net core Enterprise libraries, ORM and code scaffolding tool.

More dotnet frameworks and tools

  • Oakton Add Robust Command Line Options to .Net Applications
  • Lamar Lamar is a .NET library that provides two pieces of functionality:
    • A fast Inversion of Control Container that natively supports the ASP.Net Core DI abstractions and a subset of the older StructureMap library
    • The dynamic code generation and compilation features used underneath the IoC implementation
  • Self Diagnosing Deployments with Oakton and Lamar

Kubernetes for ASP.NET Core Developers

Deploying ASP.NET Core applications to Kubernetes


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