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Scaffolding Tools

Scaffold Definition

Nodejs Scaffolding with Yeoman

Java Scaffolding

Java Scaffolding with Spring Roo

Java Scaffolding with Maven

  • Maven supports project scaffolding, based on project templates (called archtype). This is provided by the archetype plug-in. Maven provides archetypes for almost anything, from a simple Java application to a complex web application. The goal of this scaffolding is to allow a fast start into the Maven world. It provides the “standardized” folder structure of software projects.
  • You can create a project by executing the generation goal on the archetype plugin via the following command: mvn archetype:generate.
  • Maven

Kubernetes Scaffolding. Built in snippets for creating k8s resources

Other Scaffolding Tools

  • Atomist New automation platform, delivering pre-built automations called Skills.
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