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SUSE Rancher

  1. Rancher: Enterprise management for Kubernetes
  2. Rancher and Terraform
  3. Rancher Desktop
  4. Rancher Academy (online training)
  5. Rancher 2
    1. Rancher Networking and CNI Providers
    2. Rancher 2 RKE
  6. K3S
    1. K3s Tools
    2. K3S Use Cases
    3. K3S in Public Clouds
    4. K3D
    5. K3OS
  7. K3C
  8. Hosted Rancher
  9. Rancher on Microsoft Azure
  10. Rancher RKE on vSphere
  11. Rancher Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud
  12. Rancher Software Defined Storage with Longhorn
  13. Rancher Fleet to manage multiple kubernetes clusters
  14. Kubernautic
  15. Harvester Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software

Rancher: Enterprise management for Kubernetes

rancher architecture

Rancher and Terraform

Rancher Desktop

Rancher Academy (online training)

Rancher 2

Rancher Networking and CNI Providers

Rancher 2 RKE


K3s Tools

  • tinyzimmer/k3p A k3s packager and installer, primarily intended for airgapped deployments
  • alexellis/k3sup bootstrap Kubernetes with k3s over SSH < 1 min πŸš€. k3sup is a light-weight utility to get from zero to KUBECONFIG with k3s on any local or remote VM. All you need is ssh access and the k3sup binary to get kubectl access immediately.
  • clanktron/k3s-ansible Automated build of HA k3s Cluster with kube-vip, Cilium, and MetalLB
  • techno-tim/k3s-ansible Automated build of HA k3s Cluster with kube-vip and MetalLB. The easiest way to bootstrap a self-hosted High Availability Kubernetes cluster. A fully automated HA k3s etcd install with kube-vip, MetalLB, and more
  • cnrancher/autok3s Run K3s Everywhere. AutoK3s is a lightweight tool for simplifying the cluster management of K3s. Key features:
    • Shorter provisioning time
    • Cloud provider integration
    • Flexible installation options
    • Low cost
    • Airgap K3s package management and installation

K3S Use Cases

  • K3S Use Cases:
    1. Edge computing and Embedded Systems
    2. IOT Gateway
    3. CI environments (i.e. Jenkins with Configuration as Code)
    4. Single-App Clusters

K3S in Public Clouds



  • k3OS k3OS is a Linux distribution designed to remove as much OS maintenance as possible in a Kubernetes cluster. It is specifically designed to only have what is needed to run k3s. Additionally the OS is designed to be managed by kubectl once a cluster is bootstrapped. Nodes only need to join a cluster and then all aspects of the OS can be managed from Kubernetes. Both k3OS and k3s upgrades are handled by the k3OS operator.
  • K3OS Value Add:
    • Supports multiple architectures
      • K3OS runs on x86 and ARM processors to give you maximum flexibility.
    • Runs only the minimum required services
      • Fewer services means a tiny attack surface, for greater security.
    • Doesn’t require a package manager
      • The required services are built into the distribution image.
    • Models infrastructure as code
      • Manage system configuration with version control systems.


  • K3C Lightweight local container engine for container development. K3C is a local container engine designed to fill the same gap Docker does in the Kubernetes ecosystem. Specifically k3c focuses on developing and running local containers, basically docker run/build. Currently k3s, the lightweight Kubernetes distribution, provides a great solution for Kubernetes from dev to production. While k3s satisifies the Kubernetes runtime needs, one still needs to run docker (or a docker-like tool) to actually develop and build the container images. k3c is intended to replace docker for just the functionality needed for the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Hosted Rancher

Rancher on Microsoft Azure

Rancher RKE on vSphere

Rancher Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud

Rancher Software Defined Storage with Longhorn

Rancher Fleet to manage multiple kubernetes clusters


  • Kubernautic Kubernetes For Everyone, Free Forever! Start your CloudLess Journey and get free access to Rancher Shared as a Service (RSaaS) or apply to get access to your own Dedicated Rancher Dashboard (RDaaS) and save up-to 90% of your cloud costs with Auto Scaling of Spot Instances and Kubernauts Kubernetes Services KKS!

Harvester Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software