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Cloud FinOps. Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management (CFM)

  1. Introduction
  2. Compute Cost Calculator
  3. AWS Cost Optimizations
  4. Azure Cost Governance
  5. Kubernetes Cost Optimization
  6. Licence Managers
  7. EKS
  8. Books
  9. Kubernetes Governance and Cost Management for the Cloud-Native Enterprise
    1. Replex
  10. Cost Optimization Tools
  11. Tweets


Compute Cost Calculator

  • ๐ŸŒŸ
  • This tool finds the lowest price of compute resources from different services (currently just in AWS). To balance simplicity and utility, only the most common features are available as filters.
  • “As an AWS user, I often want to know the cheapest options for compute resources given some project-specific criteria. So, I made a tool to show me that data in a way that is useful to me. Maybe it will be useful to you” @ericwastl

AWS Cost Optimizations

Azure Cost Governance

Kubernetes Cost Optimization

Licence Managers



Kubernetes Governance and Cost Management for the Cloud-Native Enterprise


  • An Introduction to Kubernetes FinOps FinOps is a cross domain discipline that represents a set of tools, best practices and processes aimed towards making software and infrastructure more cost effective. In this article we provide an introduction to Kubernetes Finops.

Cost Optimization Tools

  • CAST AI cuts your cloud bill automatically so engineers can focus on building a better product
  • cremich/cdk-bill-bot: Welcome to Bill - the cost optimization bot The serverless cost optimization bot. Bill enables AWS customers to proactively monitor their infrastructure costs and identify unforeseen expenses in a timely manner. Bill wants to prevent AWS customers from receiving bad surprises in their monthly bill. Therefore he addresses two primary problem areas:
    • Cost history is not monitored on a regular basis
    • Basic cost optimization best practices are not setup
  • Finout Gets a Handle on Kubernetes Costs Finout has expanded its cost analysis platform for enterprise software to Kubernetes, providing a way to understand the costs of running the open source orchestration tool.


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