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Cheat Sheets

  1. Miscellaneous
  2. Networking
  3. Google Search
  4. Bash Shell
  5. AWS Cheat Sheets
  6. Google Cloud Cheat Sheets
  7. Azure Cheat Sheets
  8. API Cheatsheets
  10. eBooks
  11. Documentation Browser for Software Developers
    1. Dash for MacOS (paid)
    2. Velocity (Windows, paid)
    3. Zeal (Windows, Linux, Free)
  12. Kubernetes Knowledge Hubs and Glossary
  13. Kubernetes and Kubectl Cheat Sheets
  14. Kubernetes Kustomize Cheat Sheet
  15. Docker Cheat Sheets
    1. Docker Swarm Cheat Sheets
  16. Security Cheat Sheets
  17. Git and GitHub Cheat Sheets
    1. Git Flow Cheat Sheets
    2. Sourcetree Cheat Sheet
    3. GitKraken Git Cheat
  18. Ansible Cheat Sheets
  19. Packer and Terraform Cheat Sheets
  20. Linux Command Cheat Sheets
    1. SSH Cheat Sheets
    2. Nmap Cheat Sheet
  21. OpenShift Cheat Sheets
    1. Debezium Cheat Sheets
  22. Kubernetes Operator Cheat Sheets
  23. Kubernetes POD Cheat Sheets
  24. Buildah Cheat Sheets
  25. Prometheus Cheat Sheets
  26. Helm Cheat Sheets
  27. Maven Cheat Sheets
  28. Gradle Cheat Sheets
  29. Eclipse MicroProfile
  30. Jenkins Cheat Sheets
  31. Bitbucket Pipelines
  32. JMeter Cheat Sheets
  33. Quarkus Cheat Sheets
  34. Markdown Cheat Sheets
  35. Kafka
  36. Machine Learning
  37. Javascript
  38. TypeScript
  39. Jupyter
  40. SQL
  41. Postgres
  42. MariaDB and mySQL
  43. MongoDB
  44. Python
  45. Go
  46. NodeJS
  47. C++
  48. Selenium
  49. RPA
  50. Data Science
  51. Scrum Cheat Sheet
  52. Images
  53. Tweets



Bash Shell

AWS Cheat Sheets

Google Cloud Cheat Sheets

Azure Cheat Sheets

API Cheatsheets



  • Red Hat Developer eBooks ๐ŸŒŸ Browse through our collection of eBooks to help you develop with Red Hat products, which you can download for free as a Red Hat Developer member. Youโ€™ll find handy books on a range of the latest developer tools and technologies, including Kubernetes, microservices, containers, and more.
  • Transformation takes practice Our experts understand this: When it comes to your unique business challenges, one size does not fit all. We can guide you through exercises and tools, like the ones within the Open Practice Library, that are right for where you are, right now.

Documentation Browser for Software Developers

Dash for MacOS (paid)

Velocity (Windows, paid)

  • Velocity Velocity gives your Windows desktop offline access to over 150 API documentation sets

Zeal (Windows, Linux, Free)

  • Zeal Zeal is an offline documentation browser for software developers.

Kubernetes Knowledge Hubs and Glossary

Kubernetes and Kubectl Cheat Sheets

Kubernetes Kustomize Cheat Sheet

Docker Cheat Sheets

Docker Swarm Cheat Sheets

Security Cheat Sheets

Git and GitHub Cheat Sheets

Git Flow Cheat Sheets

Sourcetree Cheat Sheet

GitKraken Git Cheat

Ansible Cheat Sheets

Packer and Terraform Cheat Sheets

Linux Command Cheat Sheets

SSH Cheat Sheets

Nmap Cheat Sheet

  • Nmap Cheat Sheet Nmap Cheat Sheet plus Nmap + Nessus Cheat Sheet. We include all the commands in an easy to download and reference format. Downloadable JPEG or PDF files.

OpenShift Cheat Sheets

Debezium Cheat Sheets

  • Debezium on OpenShift Cheat Sheet Debezium is a distributed open-source platform for change data capture. Start it up, point it at your databases, and your apps can start responding to all of the inserts, updates, and deletes that other apps commit to your databases. Debezium is durable and fast, so your apps can respond quickly and never miss an event, even when things go wrong. This cheat sheet covers how to deploy/create/run/update a Debezium Connector on OpenShift.

Kubernetes Operator Cheat Sheets

Kubernetes POD Cheat Sheets

pod cheat sheets

Buildah Cheat Sheets

Prometheus Cheat Sheets

Helm Cheat Sheets

Maven Cheat Sheets

Gradle Cheat Sheets

Eclipse MicroProfile

Jenkins Cheat Sheets

Bitbucket Pipelines

JMeter Cheat Sheets

Quarkus Cheat Sheets

Markdown Cheat Sheets


Machine Learning






MariaDB and mySQL








Data Science

Scrum Cheat Sheet


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googling stuff

url cheatsheet

junit cheat sheet


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