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aws ec2 describe-instances --filters Name=instance-state-name,Values=running --query 'Reservations[].Instances[].[InstanceID]'
  • List all AWS instances in a table format using ‘awscli’:
aws ec2 describe-instances --query 'Reservations[].Instances[].[Placement.AvailabilityZone, State.Name, InstanceID,InstanceType,Platform,Tags.Value,State.Code,Tags.Values]' --output table

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Third Party Tools

  • ec2-spot-converter This tool converts existing EC2 instances back and forth from on-demand and ‘persistent’ Spot billing models while preserving instance attributes (Launch configuration, Tags..), network attributes (existing Private IP addresses, Elastic IP), storage (Volumes), Elastic Inference accelerators and Elastic GPUs. It also allows replacement of existing Spot instances with new “identical” ones to update the instance type and cpu options.
  • Vantage makes managing AWS easier