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  1. Introduction
  2. Useful websites for web developers
  3. Learning javascript by @Madisonkanna
  4. Node.js
  5. Npm
  6. More Frontend JavaScript Frameworks
  7. Videos
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Useful websites for web developers

Learning javascript by @Madisonkanna

  1. Variables + Scoping: Declaring JavaScript Variables: var, let and const
  2. Types: Understanding Data Types in JavaScript
  3. Objects, functions & arrays: Intro to Web Dev V2
  4. The DOM: What exactly is the DOM?!
  5. Prototypes + this: A Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript’s Prototype
  6. Events: “What the heck is the event loop anyway?” By @philip_roberts
  7. Flow control: For Loops - Beau teaches JavaScript
  8. Security and Accessibility: Web Accessibility
  9. Good to know - How to write clean code: Clean code concepts adapted for JavaScript
  10. Async JavaScript. Another epic tutorial by Tyler McGinnis Async JavaScript: From Callbacks, to Promises, to Async/Await
  11. Other things good to know but don’t need to necessarily master as a beginner: closures, Ajax requests, modules. To listen to the episode that inspired this thread: The Fundamentals — JS
  12. This blew up—if you’d like to join myself and an amazing community of beginners and advanced developers, I host this free club: CodeBookClub



More Frontend JavaScript Frameworks


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