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APIs with SOAP, REST and gRPC


Python FastAPI


State of the API Report

Postman State of the API Report

Smartbear State of the API Report

Types of API Protocols. Interprocess Communication in Microservices

SOAP API Protocol (Simple Object Access Protocol)

REST API Protocol (Representational State Transfer)

OpenAPI Specification (originally known as the Swagger Specification)

RPC API Protocol (Remote Procedure Call)


Asynchronous APIs



  • AsyncAPI Building the future of event-driven architecture. Open source tools to easily build and maintain your event-driven architecture. All powered by the AsyncAPI specification, the industry standard for defining asynchronous APIs.
  • AsyncAPI Could Be the Default API Format for Event-Driven Architectures
  • Simulating CloudEvents with AsyncAPI and Microcks
    • The rise of Event Driven Architecture (EDA) is a necessary evolution step towards cloud-native applications. Events are the ultimate weapon to decouple your microservices within your architecture. They are bringing great benefits like space and time decoupling, better resiliency and elasticity.
    • But events come also with challenges! One of the first you are facing when starting up as a development team - aside the technology choice - is how to describe these events structure? Another challenge that comes very quickly after being: How can we efficiently work as a team without having to wait for someone elseโ€™s events?
    • Weโ€™ll explore those particular two challenges and see how to simulate events using CloudEvents, AsyncAPI and Microcks.
    • AsyncAPI is an industry standard for defining asynchronous APIs. Our long-term goal is to make working with EDAs as easy as it is to work with REST APIs.
    • Microcks is an Open source Kubernetes-native tool for mocking/simulating and testing APIs. One purpose of Microcks is to turn your API contract (OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, Postman Collection) into live mocks in seconds. It means that once it has imported your AsyncAPI contract, Microcks start producing mock events on a message broker at a defined frequency. Using Microcks you can then simulate CloudEvents in seconds, without writing a single line of code. Microcks will allow the team relying on input events to start working without waiting for the team coding the event publication.
  • AsyncAPI and CloudEvents I’ve been receiving the same question for a long time now: Should I use CloudEvents or AsyncAPI? โ€” And my response has always been the same: it depends!
    • CloudEvents: a specification for describing event data in a common way. CloudEvents seeks to ease event declaration and delivery across services, platforms and beyond!
    • AsyncAPI: Create machine-readable definitions of your event-driven APIs.



REST vs OpenAPI vs gRPC

REST vs GraphQL vs gRPC


API Testing



  • Hasura ๐ŸŒŸ Instant realtime GraphQL APIs for all your data
    • Build modern apps and APIs 10x faster
    • TickInstant GraphQL & REST APIs
    • TickBuilt in authorization for secure data access
    • TickOpen source

Browser APIs

API Security

Free Web Services (Public APIs)

Open Banking



Video APIs

API Business Models


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top 10 api testing tools

20 API Business Models


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