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AWS Miscellaneous

AWS Application Discovery Service

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS OpsWorks

AWS Cloud Control API

VMware Cloud on AWS

AWS Application Discovery Service Update. Agentless Discovery for VMware

AWS for Windows


AWS Elastic Transcoder. Video streaming

Amazon Alexa. Voice User Interface

AWS Partner Network (APN)

AWS App Mesh

Local Testing


AWS Service Quota Requests

AWS Chaos Engineeering. AWS Fault Injection Simulator


  • superwerker Automates AWS Cloud deployments backed by decades of expertise and best practices

AWS Amplify

AWS App Runner

  • AWS App Runner 🌟 AWS App Runner is one of the simplest ways to run your containerized web applications and APIs on AWS. App Runner abstracts away the cloud resources needed for running your web application or API, including load balancers, TLS certificates, auto-scaling, logs, metrics, tracing (such as observability), as well as the underlying compute resources. With App Runner, you can start with source code or a container image.
  • AWS App Runner : How to deploy containerized applications using App Runner AWS App Runner is an AWS service that provides a fast, simple and cost-effective way to deploy from source code or a container image directly to a scalable and secure web application in the AWS Cloud. You don’t need to learn new technologies, decide which compute service to use, or know how to provision and configure AWS resources.
  • Architecting for resiliency on AWS App Runner Using two regions in an active-active configuration


Cloud Development Kit CDK

AWS Session Manager

AWS Cloud Endure


AWS Clients