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  1. Introduction to Digital Business Transformation
  2. Automation Glossary
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  4. DevOps Books
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  6. Training
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  7. Automation anxiety
  8. State of DevOps. Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)
  9. Configuration Drift
    1. Drift Detection Tools
  10. DevOps Docs
  11. DORA metrics
  12. DevOps Roadmap
  13. APIOps
  14. Multicloud
  15. Serverless DevOps
  16. DevOps as a Service (DaaS)
  17. IaC Infrastructure as Code
  18. Xebia Labs and DevOps
  19. DevOps Tools
  20. Netflix and DevOps
  21. Public Cloud DevOps
    1. AWS DevOps
    2. Azure DevOps
    3. Google Cloud Platform
  22. NoOps
  23. NetOps
  24. PlatformOps
  25. GPT 3 Tools
  26. Data as Code
  27. DevOps for SAP
  28. Youtube Playlists
  29. Platform Engineering and Internal Developer Platform
    1. IDP Tools
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Introduction to Digital Business Transformation

Automation Glossary


DevOps Books




Automation anxiety

  • Sysadmins and engineers may have personal fears about adopting automation, as much of their typical day revolves around the manual tasks and processes that automation promises to eliminate. Automation anxiety is the fear that if these tasks can be handled by automated tools, there will no longer be any reason to keep a person in that role. Nobody likes being automated out of a job.
  • Automation anxiety is largely unfounded, however, as automating manual tasks frees up people’s time that can instead be used to work on more innovative, more strategic and higher value projects.

State of DevOps. Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)

Configuration Drift

Drift Detection Tools

DevOps Docs

OCP 4 Pland and Deploy

devops tools dzone

DORA metrics

DevOps Roadmap



Serverless DevOps

DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

IaC Infrastructure as Code

Xebia Labs and DevOps

DevOps Tools

Netflix and DevOps

Public Cloud DevOps

AWS DevOps

Azure DevOps

Google Cloud Platform




GPT 3 Tools

  • dzone: 3 GPT-3 Tools for Developers, Software and DevOps Engineers, and SREs This article will explore GPT-3 applications in the developer space to discuss how GPT-3 can help DevOps Engineers, SREs, technical customer support, and developers.
    • Zebrium Monitoring detects problems, Zebrium finds root cause Resolve your software incidents 10x faster
    • Debuild Debuild is a tool that lets you generate functional web apps from a simple English description.
    • seekwell SeekWell helps write SQL requests and synchronizes the results to the apps your team operates in.

Data as Code

DevOps for SAP

Youtube Playlists

Platform Engineering and Internal Developer Platform

IDP Tools

Bunch of Images

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Devops containers strategy

Dynamic kubernetes config

DevOps culture

Programmer Move

DevOps Gene Kim

DevOps to no ops

DevOps Ken Mugrage

DevOps wikipedia

DevOps today

DevOps dilbert

DevOps vs Agile

DevOps capgemini

DevOps practices

DevOps qbp

DevOps patterns




8 devops trends

devops lifecycle

devops tools declarative imperative


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