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Recruitment. Hiring and Freelancing

  1. Introduction
  2. Articles in Spanish
  3. Recruitment Portals
  4. Recruitment Portals in Spain
  5. Recruitment Software
  6. Soft Skills
  7. Fair Job Offer
  8. Writing a CV
  9. Fake it til you make it
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Articles in Spanish

Recruitment Portals

Recruitment Portals in Spain

  • (Spain) The hiring community for tech recruiters and developers with good Candidate Experience guaranteed.

Recruitment Software

Soft Skills

Fair Job Offer

  • mikzuit/fair-job-offer Looking for a job? this is what you should know first. This is a MUST read project when looking for a job and expand this properly to any country, turn yourself into an expert to easily & securely find a job globally, Understand your rights in a market populated by AI, Data Lakes. Use templates legally approved to handle your data less possible.

Writing a CV

Fake it til you make it

  • Have you come across to someone that thinks you don’t deserve a job because you don’t have GitHub contributions? Never worked for a company who hired based on GitHub contributions alone. If anyone is bugging you because you are not an open source developer or your company doesn’t use GitHub, use fake-it-til-you-make-it to generate two years of contributions.


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Tweets 2

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Tweets 3. Cultures

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interviews getting harder


new job every 3 years

meme job hunting 2 assessments

you get a new tech job

work chronicles cultural fit

you get a tech job

my company gave me

la gestion de uno mismo


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