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Service Mesh


Service Mesh and API Gateways

Tools For Evaluating Service Meshes

  • Open source tool for evaluating and contrasting service meshes

Consul Service Mesh

Consul Connect

Linkerd Service Mesh

Installed @Linkerd in staging yesterday using Helm and Terraform. It was incredibly easy to setup and immediately helped me diagnose tricky latency issues between services. I have no idea why I didn’t do this sooner. Can’t wait to get this into production.”

Maesh Service Mesh

Traffic Director (Google’s Service Mesh)

Google L7 Internal Load Balancer

Envoy Proxy Service Mesh

xDS protocol (Envoy’s Discovery Service Protocol)

  • xDS REST and gRPC protocol
  • “The gRPC project is adding support for the xDS protocol, think Envoy Proxy as a library, which will provide a subset of functionality without an external proxy. 🤯 The best part, xDS based control planes such as Istio, Traffic Director, and Consul Connect should just work.” Kelsey Hightower

Istio Service Mesh

Open Service Mesh


AWS App Mesh

NGINX Service mesh

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