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Hashicorp Terraform & Packer. Kubernetes Boilerplates

“It’s not controversial to provision resources with code. It shouldn’t be controversial to deploy and manage resources with code” (Jaana Dogan)

HashiCorp Learning Resources Reference Guide


HashiCorp Cloud

Blogs and Newsletters


Terraform Cloud


CDK Cloud Development Kit Terraform

Python Boto3 and Terraform

Helm Charts in Terraform

Terraform Infracost

  • Infracost 🌟 If you use Terraform to provision your Kubernetes clusters, you might find infracost interesting. Infracost estimates hourly and monthly costs for a Terraform project. It helps you to see the cost breakdown and compare different deployment options upfront.
  • A Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization with HashiCorp Terraform 🌟 The Terraform AWS provider now supports Code Signing for AWS Lambda, which involves digitally signing code artifacts and verifying at deployment.

Awesome Terraform

Terraform Cheat Sheets

Best Practices

Terraform and CI/CD

Terraform Boilerplates

Terraform and Kubernetes

Terraform Kubernetes Boilerplates

Hashicorp Terraform Kubernetes Collection

Learnk8s Terraform and Managed Kubernetes

OpenShift and Terraform

Other Boilerplates

Terraform Kubernetes Operator

Terraform K3s Boilerplates

Terraform GKE Boilerplates

Terraform and AWS

Terraform EKS Boilerplates

AWSCC. Terraform AWS Cloud Control Provider

AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform (AFT)

Terraform with Azure

Azure Terrafy and AzAPI Terraform Provider

  • Announcing Azure Terrafy and AzAPI Terraform Provider Previews On Azure, businesses may choose many flavors of IaC tooling to manage their Azure resources including HashiCorp Terraform, Bicep, ARM templates, Ansible and many more. We encourage you to choose the IaC tool that best suits your needs. Our mission is to ensure that no matter which tool you choose, you have the best experience and integration with Azure.

Terraform in Azure DevOps

Terraform AKS Boilerplates

Terraform and OCI

Terraform and Apache Kafka

Terraform and JMeter

Terraform Video Tutorials

CDK for Terraform

  • CDK for Terraform 🌟 CDK (Cloud Development Kit) for Terraform allows developers to use familiar programming languages to define cloud infrastructure and provision it through HashiCorp Terraform.
  • GKE Cluster Setup with CDK for Terraform Learn how to provision a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster and prepare it for application deployment using TypeScript via CDK for Terraform.

Graph Visualization Software

Terraform Modules

Terraform AWS Modules

Segment AWS Stack Terraform Modules

Terraform Providers

Terraform Provider for Elastic Cloud

Terraform Vault Provider

Terraform AzureRM

Terraform Code Quality. Terraform Quality Checks

Enforce Policy with Sentinel

Reverse terraform with Terraformer

  • 🌟 A CLI tool that generates tf/json and tfstate files based on existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform).
  • @ryanhos’ process: “If it’s anything reasonably complex, my process is:”
    1. Build w/ UI
    2. Gen w/ Terraformer (local state)
    3. Fix crazy codegen-ed names
    4. Import TF, verify Cloud == State == Terraform
    5. rm -rf the manual version
    6. Recreate from TF
    7. Test and iterate w/ IaC

Terraform Tools

Terraform Frameworks

Kubestack Terraform GitOps Framework

Gruntwork Terragrunt


  • Terraspace is a Terraform Framework that optimizes for infrastructure-as-code happiness. It provides an organized structure, conventions over configurations, keeps your code DRY, and adds convenient tooling. Terraspace makes working with Terraform easier and more fun.


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