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Configuration Management. Ansible

Configuration Management with Ansible DevOps Tool

Deploying custom files with Jinja2 templates

Writing an Ansible module

Interacting with REST API

Writing an Ansible module for a REST API

Ansible Videos

Ansible Playbooks

Ansible Collections

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automation services catalog

Red Hat Certified Ansible Content Collections

Ansible Cheat Sheets

Running Ansible Playbooks

Running Ansible Playbooks From Jenkins

Ansible Tower and Ansible AWX. Running Ansible Playbooks From Ansible Tower

Tower and AWX Installers

Alternatives to Ansible Tower

Ansible Kubernetes Operators

Ansible Molecule. Development and Testing of Ansible Roles


Ansible Galaxy Roles

More Ansible Roles

Ansible scripts

Awesome Ansible

Ansible and Public Cloud Guides

Ansible Kubernetes Module

NGINX Core Collection for Ansibe

Dynatrace with Ansible

SQL Server with Ansible

OCI Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Ansible

Oracle Database with Ansible

Ansistrano. Deploying applications with Ansible in Capistrano style

Anacron and Ansible


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